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FoodBytes! Digital is Rabobank’s new food and agriculture virtual connection network. Connect with forward-thinking corporates, investors and customers by creating a company profile.


Our mission

As a leading global food & agriculture bank, Rabobank knows that sustainability and innovation are critical in promoting a thriving food and ag industry. FoodBytes! is one of the industry’s most valuable networks for food & ag innovators. With FoodBytes! Digital, we will facilitate even more connections between innovative startups, corporates and investors around the world.


For food & ag startups

Create a profile and get exposed to Rabobank’s leading network of investors and corporates. You will get matched with the right connections to address your startup’s needs.


We connect startups & corporates within food & ag sector


Digital Platform


Corporates and investors get a shortlist of potential startups matching their interests. 

We match startups and corporates or investors – facilitating the right conversations that lead to successful collaborations.

Startups will receive contact requests from high potential matches. 


How it works

1. Sign up for free

Create an account and share basic company info, like your company website and where you are based. 🆓

2. Build your profile

Provide additional information to complete your profile. Make a good first impression so investors and corporates want to get to in touch with your startup. 🎨

3. Request review

To have your profile published, you will need to request a review. Our team will check to ensure your profile contains everything needed to match you with like-minded companies. 

4. Get featured

Congrats! You’re now part of the FoodBytes! digital network and ready to be discovered by hundreds of investors and corporate partners around the world. 🌎


What about...

Is it free?


Will it be free forever?

For now: yes. Forever? We don’t know yet – but if you sign up early, you will definitely get a great deal. We promise.

Is it international?

Yes! Everyone is welcome. As long you are an innovative startup which is active in the food & agricultural sector. 

What if I have participated in a FoodBytes! Pitch or Pilot program in the past - do I need to register?

Yes! We want to ensure we have the latest information on each and every startup, so even if you're in contact with the FoodBytes! team, we ask that you complete a FoodBytes! Digital profile.

Other questions?

Contact us at

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